Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My kids got their money's worth out of Halloween this year, not that the depressing picture in our front door captures that at all. Sydney's class party was on the Friday before Halloween and she got to wear her cozy owl costume for the whole day. So, of course Elias had to get his monkey outfit on too. They wore them for 3 days straight (yes, they slept in them). This was quite handy on Sunday morning when we were getting ready to go on our family walk. All they needed was boots to go with their cozy outfits.

But, then we took a quick trip to my sister's and they had to take the costumes off for the car ride. Well, when we returned on Halloween afternoon, they were officially over their planned warm costumes and instead dove into the dress up bin. Elias came out with his storm trooper mask, super Elias cape, Captain America sheild and his rain boots. Sydney said she was a princess with her wand and crown, but I'm pretty sure it was a gypsy dress. Whatever the case, they were happy and came home with more candy than any of us should eat.

For the first time ever I stayed in from trick or treating because I was so exhausted from our drive to Wenatchee and back with no sleep while we were there that I could barely stand. And, the dads from our block were going out with the kiddos together. It sounded so cozy to stay home. Instead I ended up folding laundry (blech) and I realized that tired or not, I really should have gone. Oh well, lesson learned. I've been comforting myself with their loot.