Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of Pre-School

When it came time for pre-school registration last spring, I did not feel at all like Elias was ready for pre-school. He seemed so small and I was worried he couldn't communicate well enough to be on his own. But, my friend counseled me to sign him up anyway in case he seemed ready in the fall. Good thing, because in the last few weeks he has seemed so ready for something of his own. He's never really cared about what Sydney was up to and was completely content to pal around with me until the past few weeks when he caught a case of the "me too"s. He too wanted a backpack, he too wanted to go to school, he too wanted to sign up for soccer and he too wanted me to sew something special for his first day. He asked for a shirt, but I don't know how to make a little man shirt, so we went with a new hat (that he of course chose not to wear after all).

It's so strange that my baby is already hitting the pre-school mark. It seems like it was just last summer that I was coming to terms with Sydney going to pre-school. My mom told me that the letting go started really early, but I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed by all of these firsts in such a short time. all which point to the fact that my babies are growing up.
 He told me that this is his "exkited face"
When I picked him up today, he came running to the door yelling "Mommy!" with a big smile. On our little walk home he already seemed so much older than when I'd dropped him off, since he was experiencing things without me and reporting back. As soon as we got home, he plopped down on the front steps to open his beloved backpack and unpack his treasures from the day. So, here we go on our next little adventure!

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  1. such a handsome little man! and you are a fantastic mother, tif!