Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last Days of Summer

Everyone says that summer goes too fast every year, but I think this may be the first summer that I didn't feel that. It felt just right, maybe since we had Sydney finish pre-school early, so summer began on May 1st in our house. It's nice to end a season feeling full, like we packed in a lot of fun, a lot of relaxing and a lot of sun.

These last two weeks of summer we were more intentional about it since it was the finale. Every day began with, "So, guys, what should we do today?" We met Heather, Micah and Levi in Moses Lake at the water park for probably my favorite day of summer (mostly because I got to be with my sis all day!); we went bike riding along the path and got hot chocolate since the mornings have already cooled so much; we got together with Willma, Connor and Victoria several days in a row since Victoria will be starting 1st grade in Moscow and will be much harder to get together with during the week; we played down at the "secret fort" and in the creek beside Reaney Park with Beth, Carli Joey, Kiran, Adey and Jyoti; we ran in the sprinklers and invited Nellie to play too; we rode bikes with Scott, Brayden & Bailey in the church parking lot a few blocks away; we ate and baked from the garden almost daily; we walked down to the Lentil Festival for the first time and I ran in the Lentil 5k and was able to walk to the starting point, meet Teal, and run; we went blackberry picking with Teal, Isaac and Caleb and came home to make jam and cobbler; we bbq'd with the Lahmers at the Moscow water park as a final sendoff to summer and swimsuits; we went to a baby shower/potluck/game night and pretended we were part of the History department at WSU for a night and it was all exactly as we'd hoped it would be!

So, farewell summer. Thank you for all the goodness, especially from our garden. We will greet you joyfully next June (or more likely around the 4th of July when the weather is consistently wonderful).

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