Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Snow

PhotobucketHello Friends! It's been a while! We are still here, pluckin' along in our new little house. The addition did not get complete before our move, so "little" is quite appropriate. I think we are currenly living in 700 or 800 square feet. You know what's strange? It feels just fine. I have not missed the Treefort one time, even when our little cottage was cluttered with boxes and it took the kids 2+ hours to go to sleep at night due to their excitement over their new bunkbeds. Last night it only took them 45 minutes to calm down for sleep, which is a big improvement!PhotobucketToday has been one of the days that captures why we moved. Nick woke up in the middle of the night and walked to his office to get some work done. He had walked back by 9:30 or so and we all snuggled into our snow gear and went out for a walk and some sledding at a park a few blocks away. The streets were silent and beautiful, but every once in a while we would see another family a block or so away out for a similar excursion. We sledded in teams down some wonderfully long hills covered in perfect powder and we ran into some friends who were also sledding. This sounds like such a small thing, but it's one of those small things we didn't have in our old neighborhood. On the way home I thought of 3 other families within easy walking distance of the park that we could have called to meet us and it just felt so neighborly and wonderful.PhotobucketPhotobucketIt's still dumping snow, Nick went a few blocks to check in on a roof and the kids are creating and creating at their art table. Life is good.Photobucket

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