Wednesday, January 18, 2012

from drab to fab

January is one of the hardest months of the year, I think. Once the magical glow of the Christmas tree is taken down and I have to actually turn on lights when I come out in the morning, life seems a bit drab and sad.
So, I put the time in and made our new living room curtains that are anything but sad. I bought 8 yards of fabric (from my sil's shop), which was the perfect amount for these curtains. I first carried around the 8 yards of fabric in a pile, smiling at how pretty it is and how wonderful the weight of 8 yards of nice fabric feels in a sewing girl's hands.

Cutting into the fabric was scary because I have been known to mis-cut fabric, but after the nail-biting inducing cuts, it was fun, fun, fun!
And, our living room is no longer a sad, post-Christmas space. yay!


  1. Cute curtains! And the photos of Sydney shopping at Claire's and being at Starbucks are too precious! Love Elias's fingerpainting pink hands, too!
    Love, Grandma VanArsdel

  2. I love the new curtains! They are perfect for your cozy house. You always find such cute, colorful fabric.

    Keep up the inspire me!

    love you sis,