Wednesday, January 18, 2012

last winter's bag

I began this bag last winter, most likely when we were snowed in for a few days, using fabric I had in my stash. It started out following a Simplicity pattern, but I got all the way to the end and I didn't like the way it hung. I'd used too stiff of a batting and it hung just plain funny. I started a drop-in zipper for it, but something annoyed me along the way and I threw it to the back of my closet.
So, when I went to pack up all of my craft supplies for the move, I found this bag and decided to keep it and give it another try. I added a crochet flower (that came out a bit poofy, I need to fix that) and ended up with what is this winter's perfect bag. I can throw in all my essentials, some snacks for the kids, treats for my Sunday school class, a journal...and it never seems to be too full or too heavy. And, because it's grey, it goes with everything.


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